Graco Mark VII Max ProContractor

The MARK MAX PROCONTRACTOR is a real multiple purpose unit for large painting jobs for the inside as well as the outside! Your top of the line buddy sprays airless plasters and most common paints. The MARK MAX PROCONTRACTOR sprays latex, emusions, acrylics, epoxies, blockfillers, fire retardants, intumescents and most common airless plasters. It even has enough performance to deliver the necessary flow for 2 people spraying simultaneously.
It’s for YOU, the smart professional, that Graco keeps reinventing spray equipment technology. Because we know you’re looking for the latest innovations to help you finish jobs faster, with less fuss and fatigue. The ProContractor Series of our Mark Max range include top of the line innovations, for top of the line professionals that aren’t satisfied with “just” high quality technology, but demand more. Choose the right unit… The MARK IV MAX is the optimal unit for large painting jobs for the inside as well as the outside! Versatile in applications, it is well suited for fire retardants and even the occasional plaster job can be tackled with this sprayer. Our well known MARK V MAX is a step up from that! Optimized for professionals that split their time between painting and plastering, and need the productive output this unit can deliver. Delivering twice the performance of the MARK V MAX, the MARK X MAX ProContractor is strong enough to spray over 30.000 liters a year, and well equipped to handle the toughest airless plasters. Slightly too big for you? Try the MARK VII MAX, you will be charmed by its price/performance ratio. … and go for the ProContractor Series for ultimate comfort and luxury! Have a look at the latest innovative features we added to the ProContractor Series of the MARK MAX range. This is what distinguishes you from other professionals. This is where you save time and money. This is where you stand out.
Max. Tip Size: with paint - plaster: 0.041" - 0.047"
Flow - l/min. (gpm): 6.0 (1.58)
Max. Pressure - bar (PSI):   230 (3300)
Bare Weight - kg (lbs): 73 (160)
Motor Rating - kW (HP) 1.9 (2.5)
Code: Graco Mark VII Max ProContractor
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