Graco St Max II 495 PC Pro

ST Max™ II PC Pro More PERFORMANCE, advanced TECHNOLOGY and extra features offers you every day reliability and ultimate user comfort, with ST Max™ II PC Pro. When you need the increased productivity to handle medium residential and light commercial jobs, ST Max™ II PC Pro delivers the performance you want. Available for you in a compact stand version or the more featured cart version, offering direct suction, a kick back, hose wrap and toolbox as a premium. It’s for YOU, we equipped all ST Max™ II PC Pro with ProConnect™ , ProGuard™ , maintenance-free brushless motor design, Endurance™ Pump, Contractor™ Gun, SmartControl™ 2.5 and FastFlush™ . Leading technology, helps you finish your paint job on time, every day with a smile!
Max. Tip Size - 1 gun: 0.025"
Max. Fluid Flow - l/min. (gpm): 2.3 (0.60)
Max. Working Pressure - bar (PSI):  227 (3300)
Weight - kg (lbs): 15 (34)
Code: Graco St Max II 495 PC Pro
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