Graco Ultra Max II 695 ProContractor

The ULTRA® MAX II PROCONTRACTOR is the ideal unit for large painting jobs, inside as well as outside! Your top of the line buddy for renovations, new construction, commercial and residential buildings,  exterior facades, new housing projects, etc. It handles most common tip sizes with ease! The ULTRA® MAX II PROCONTRACTOR sprays perfectly acrylics, primers, emulsions, waterborne as well as solvent paints.
It’s for YOU, the smart professional, that Graco keeps reinventing spray equipment technology. Because we know you’re looking for the latest innovations to help you finish jobs faster, and with less fuss and fatigue. The ProContractor Series our Ultra® Max II range include top of the line innovations, for top of the line professionals that aren’t satisfied with “just” high quality technology, but demand more. Choose the Ultra® Max II … …if you’re looking for the optimal unit for large residential and commercial painting jobs for inside as well as outside! Where the Ultra® Max II 695 is well equipped for large residential new construction and renovation, the Ultra® Max II 795 is even a step up from that and delivers the performance and output you need for larger commercial sites as well. On top of that, the Ultra® Max II 1095 has the versatility and performance to handle most light premix plasters. … and go for the ProContractor Series for ultimate comfort and luxury! Have a look at the latest innovative features we’ve added to the ProContractor Series of the Ultra® Max II range. This is what distinguishes you from other professionals. This is where you save time and money. This is where you stand out.
Max. Tip Size: 1 gun 0,031“
Max. Tip Size: 2 guns 0,019“
Flow - l/min. (gpm): 3.0 (0.75)
Max. Pressure - bar (PSI):   230 (3300)
Weight - kg (lbs) Standard version: 43 (94)
Motor Rating - kW 1,75
Code: Graco Ultra Max II 695 ProContractor
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