Presenting the XForce HD, Graco® introduces another revolutionary technology, that will rapidly change the way touch-up is done in the protective coatings business. XFORCE HD: THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT TO YOUR LARGE AIRLESS SPRAYER Whether you’re doing touch-up to complete your punch-list items, performing spot repair or simply have a small area or part to paint, the job just gets easier! The new XForce HD is designed to spray the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials. Utilizing proven ProSpray Technology, the XForce HD delivers Graco’s professional piston pump design in the palm of your hand giving you the power and freedom to spray a high quality, airless finish wherever you need it! Designed to endure the most punishing jobsite conditions, the XForce HD gets the job done – FAST and PROFITABLE!
Max. Tip Size: 0.009" - 0.025"
Flow: Factory set
Max. Pressure - bar (PSI):  276 (4000)
Material & Solvent compatibility:   Heavy-Duty
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